New and Updated for PyCharm Professional

IntelliJ API Watcher

The plugin provides 'Find External Usages' action which allows developers to quickly find plugins which use IntelliJ platform classes, methods or fields and 'Check...

Easy Change FontSize

Easy Change FontSize,Made by Hebe with 💖.


Provides Roku BrightScript language support.

Fast Mouse Scrolling

Supports browser-like scrolling with middle-click in IDE.

Apache Camel IDEA Plugin

Plugin for Intellij IDEA to provide a set of small Apache Camel related capabilities to the code editor.

Kotlinizing Statistics

Plugin is useful if you're migrating a project from java to kotlin and want to see your progress.

Dracula Theme

Dracula is a dark theme for many editors, terminals, syntax highlight and eg.

Vant Plugin

support for vant ui framework, before use this plugin, you must install plugin vuejs.

SVGA Support

By Moky
SVGA Support Plugin.

CMake simple highlighter

Plugin for CMake syntax highlight support.