New and Updated for PyCharm Professional

Yet another emoji support

This plugin inserts emoji in editors using content assist 💐 Type ":" and emoji name Open code completion.

Dataiku DSS

Dataiku DSS plugin to edit Recipes and Plugins directly from PyCharm or IntelliJ IDEA.

Private interactive assistant

Private interactive assistant for IntelliJ.


JBLSpringBootAppGen intro.

SDK Action Sample Project

Demonstrates implementing Action and Action Group patterns.

Muse Color Scheme

Please use this instead.


to help open the idea project with project name.


Switch easily between space case, kebab-case, snake_case, PascalCase, camelCase See Edit menu or use Shift + Alt + U.

Monokai Pro Spectrum Color Scheme

Monokai Pro colorscheme with Filter Spectrum Palette.

XPathView + XSLT

Provides a possibility to evaluate XPath expressions against any XML document opened in IDEA.