New and Updated for PyCharm Professional

Hiberbee theme

Monokai Pro & MacOS Mojave inspired color themes, with bright colors & dark mode, with common color code for all languages.


Transfer the code to a hump form or underline.

Limited WIP

Plugin to help you limit work-in-progress (WIP) by imposing constraints on your workflow.

Corda Template

This plugin to help corda developers to get some predefined projects as samples to run.

Wolfram Language

A plugin for Wolfram Language development.


Real-time code collaboration inside any IDE: Turn your IDE into a collaborative space where you can work together in real-time.


Javascript object property completion that works in complex contexts.

OpenAPI Editor

Easily edit OpenAPI and Swagger specification files! Based on the Swagger plugin, from the same author.


Switch between class and corresponding testcase.


This plugin provides autocompletion support for pydantic Features pydantic.BaseModel Model-specific __init__-signature...