New and Updated for PyCharm

ReasonML language plugin

Reason (and OCaml) language plugin.


This plugin eases working with the code and comments written not in English.

R Language Support

This plugin provides an integration of R, which is a language for statistical computing and graphics, into Intellij IDEA.


Ballerina is a simple programming language whose syntax and runtime address the hard problems of integration.

Doki Doki Literature Club Theme

Built on top of Material UI.

GitLab Projects

GitLab Projects Plugin Simple plugin that is adding support for GitLab specific actions to JetBrain IDEs Features.

Run Configuration as Action

Register all run configuration as actions.

SQLScout (SQLite Support)

First-class SQLite support for Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA.

Android Data Tools

Android Data Tools.

Git Checkout Files From Branch

Checkout files from another git branch.