New and Updated for PyCharm

JS GraphQL

GraphQL language support including Relay.QL tagged templates in JavaScript and TypeScript.


Support of geographic data (WKT ...).


This plugin doesn't move/rename files or folders!.

XQuery Support + MarkLogic Debugger

XQuery 3.0/3.1 Language Support, with MarkLogic Debugger Forked from XQuery Language Support plugin by Grzegorz Ligas.

Perforce IDEA Community Integration

[ Github ] | [ Open Issues ] Associate your IDEA project with Perforce ("p4") through the built-in version control.


Open the selected code in

Atom File Icons IDEA

This is a port of the Atom File Icons ( for Jetbrains products.


Auto Generate code for React's Component PropTypes (ES5 is not supported for the time being).

Rainbow Brackets

Rainbow Brackets / Rainbow Parentheses for IntelliJ IDEA-based IDEs.


mybatis 生成器.