New and Updated for PyCharm Professional


MybatisPlus generator code.

Wolfram Language

A plugin for Wolfram Language development.


Objective-J Language plugin Provides basic autocomplete functionality for selector methods and variable names Plugin allows the use of a @var comment, in the...

Image Diff

This plugin shows the diff of two images in the diff view.

CS 125 @ Illinois

Records MP development for CS 125 @ Illinois.

Dependently-Typed Lambda Calculus

Several dependently-typed experimental programming language support, in one plugin.

Ruby Dynamic Code Insight

This plugin provides additional Code Insight intelligence to improve resolution, find usages and refactoring capabilities.

HashiCorp Terraform / HCL language support

This plugin adds support for HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL) and HashiCorp Interpolation Language (HIL), as well as their combination used in Terraform...

XPathView + XSLT

Provides a possibility to evaluate XPath expressions against any XML document opened in IDEA.


Enables smart editing of .properties files.