Plugins with tag "Code tools" for PyCharm Community Edition

Teamscale IntelliJ Plugin

Teamscale Plugin for Intellij Platform.


This plugin doesn't move/rename files or folders!.

REST Editor Client Contrib

Contrib for REST Editor Client with Swagger & Spring MVC support.

Freasy Monad Plugin

Enable proper Intellij highlighting for Freasy-Monad macros.


By xunzz
Android Studio插件,一个生成mvp框架代码的插件.


A plugin which automatic generation "findViewById" code.


Comment your code with your speachme platform.


By axter
Plugin for generating code from selected layout XMLs in java file(via support declare/findViewById/setOnClickListener.

Clean Architecture Plugin

Create the Clean Architecture directory structure in your projects.

Metadroid Plugin

Enable proper Intellij highlighting for Metadroid macros.