New and Updated for PyCharm Community Edition

Go Builder Generator

Plugin for generating Builder pattern code of Go struct from selected struct code.

Android NR Bundle Builder

Use builder build bundle.

Material Design Color Palette

Material Design color palette.


Plugin for Image Compress, Support png and jpg, Develop by Kotlin and Using TinyApi lib.

Angular Component Folding

This plugin groups files which have same name and different extensions.

Pants Support

Support for Pants build system.

Legacy Icon Pack for IntelliJ 2018.2+

Changes new modern icons to the old ones. You can choose between icons from IntelliJ 2016.2 (includes some from 2018.1) and 2018.1.

Mongo Plugin

This tool allows accessing to Mongo databases and provides CRUD operations on mongo collections.

Spj Plugin

A Plugin For IntelliJ Family IDEs to Develop 101NEO SPJ Language.