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Background Image Plus

Set the editor background to a random picture from a folder.

Bitbucket Linky

Bitbucket Linky provides easy navigation to and interaction with Atlassian Bitbucket.

React snippets

Live Templates For React.

Atom Material Icons

Replace Jetbrains' icons with Atom File Icons and Material Design Icons! This is a both a port of the Atom File Icons (https://github.com/file-icons/atom) and the...

Context Free Grammar

Adds support for EBNF-like context free grammars.

Go Template

Support for Go template engine (https://golang.org/pkg/text/template/).


Provides PowerShell intellisense and script execution support for IntelliJ IDEs.


Enriches SVN integration Development status Maintenance - bug fixes and releases for new IntelliJ versions Features Status bar component.


BNF Grammars and JFlex lexers editor.