Plugins with tag "Editor" for PyCharm Educational

GoogleTranslation by huyquansu


Undo Scroll

Press CTRL-Z or CTRL-Shift-Z, hold down CTRL, and scroll to stream through undo and redo events.

Assembly string


SCSS Breadcrumbs

This plugin provide you an option to fast copy of the SCSS structure.

Permute list element/xml attribute

This plugin can swap items in a list left or right.


Fold } as end and hide {. Give up braces from now on. You shouldn't limit yourself with braces.


Fixed issues with the original Tabswitch as it was not working correctly with the latest version of Jetbrain editors.


pipeprofen on github | report an issue Run a bash shell command on the selected lines.

Editor Groups


Escape from SearchEverywhere

Make it be possible to close the 'Search Everywhere' popup by the ESC key.