Plugins with tag "Editor" for PyCharm Educational Edition

Large File Editor

Description Allows to view text files, that can't be opened by default editor because of their large size.


Reverse Selected Text 1.

open file to pane plugin

open file to left or right pane.

Go To Occurrence

Plugin is build for fast navigation through sources.

GoogleTranslation by huyquansu


Undo Scroll

Press CTRL-Z or CTRL-Shift-Z, hold down CTRL, and scroll to stream through undo and redo events.


You can invoke these actions via IntelliJ's "Find Action" or "Search Everything" functionality, you can also assign keyboard shortcuts to them under Preferences...

Assembly string


Permute list element/xml attribute

This plugin can swap items in a list left or right.

SCSS Breadcrumbs

This plugin provide you an option to fast copy of the SCSS structure.