Plugins with tag "Code editing" for PyCharm Educational

Wrap to Column

Wraps text to the specified column width.

Injection for AppCode

Dynamic Objective-C Code Injection for App Code.

Emoji Support Plugin

Intellij plugin for supporting auto-complete for Emoji.

Enclosing Plugin

Plugin for enclosing selection with specified character (NetBeans analog).

File Template Variables

This plugins allow to specify or override any variables in the File Template functionality per Project.

Emacs+ Patched

Emacs like enhancements for IntelliJ IDEA.


Auto-Align allows you to align your code with a pretty print alignment.

Extended Code Sense

Provides some platform code-sense functionality enhancements.


Rainbow highlighting identifiers and delimiters for IntelliJ IDEA-based IDEs.

QML support

Support for Qt QML.