New and Updated for PyCharm Educational

D Language

Support for the D Language.

New Executable C/C++

If you are from the Java world, you might be used to be able to create a new single public static void main(String [] args) in every class in order test some...

JetForcer | The Smartest IDE

JetForcer is the smartest IDE for handy Salesforce development with JetBrains IDEs.


Allows working with 码云 - Gitee There are some features just like the GitHub plugin.


Provides support for the Elm programming language.

Smooth_Minimal Color Scheme

Light and minimalistic color scheme.


Fortran language support.


A PinNote is a way to write notes in IDE by JetBrains.


This is plugin that displays a vertical line at the cursor position.

Find Pull Request

This plugin find the pull request of the selected line.