Top Rated for PyCharm Educational Edition


Provides full Clojure and ClojureScript language support.


A JetBrains IDE plugin supporting the EditorConfig standard.

Native Neighbourhood

Provides some actions to integrate IDEA into the native desktop environment.


Provides shortcuts to open a file or commit in Stash, GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab or GitBlit using the default browser or copy the link to the clipboard.


Bash language support for the IntelliJ platform.


Time management plugin for Pomodoro Technique.

Code screenshots

Select a code and press a hot-key (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A by default) to copy it as the image (make a screenshot).


Shows project statistic.

Code History Mining

By syl
This is proof-of-concept plugin for code history visualization and analysis.

CodeWithMe plugin

CodeWithMe plugin.