Top Rated for PyCharm Educational

Angular Component Folding

This plugin groups files which have same name and different extensions.

AWS Tail

A simple way to see your Amazon CloudWatch Logs without closing your IDE :).

Iterm Plugin

ITerm Plugin.

GapStyle Color Scheme

GapStyle is designed base on key theme color of 'Darcula' and 'Monokai'.


activate-power-mode for IDEA.

Branch in Window Title

If a git repository is detected in the parent directory of a module, the current branch name is appended to the project name in the window title.

JSON Utils

JetBrains IDE plugin for test JSONPath expression and format JSON.

VCS Kotlin Converter

This IntelliJ IDEA plugin runs the native Convert Java File To Kotlin File action and preserves files VCS history by committing the rename step in VCS (most likely...

Wolfram Language

A plugin for Wolfram Language development.


Plugin that loads a background image into editors.