New and Updated for ReSharper

ReCommended Extension for ReSharper

The ReCommended Extension for ReSharper augments the sophisticated code analysis engine by providing more rules not (yet) available from JetBrains.

Clean Code

Automates some of the concepts in Uncle Bob's Clean Code book.

TestCop for ReSharper 2018.3.2

Easily switch between unit tests and code.

Unity Support

Adds support for the Unity engine.


Adds support for editing T4 text templating files (.tt).


Kontur.Billing Resharping.

Exceptional for ReSharper

Analyzes thrown and documented C# exceptions and suggests improvements.

EggBlox Plugins for ReSharper 2018.3.1

ReSharper plugins to modify DataContract/DataMember/XmlElement/XmlAttribute/EnumMember attributes, format/refactor strings and parameters, convert classes to "public...

NUKE Support

This extension adds gutter marks for build targets.