Plugins with tag "Code tools" for Rider


Checkmarx plugin for IntelliJ allows retrieving scan results from the Checkmarx scan server.

Awesome Pojo Generator

Plugin to generate Pojo classes from json.


Miscellaneous Magento code generation.

Explore Trace

Works with Java thread dumps.

Go method generator

You can use this plugin to simplify creating methods for structs in GoLang.


Embedder allows you to selection a file, multiple files, or a directory of files and embed them in the currently open ActionScript file.

FindViewById to BindView

By yalan
Android plugin for converting findViewById( to ButterKnife field.

Aegis Code Check Plugin

Introduction The contents following are written in Chinese and translated by google translate.

Haxe Checkstyle

Haxe Checkstyle is a static analysis tool to help developers write Haxe code that adheres to a coding standard.


By whilu
Convert color with alpha value to hex format.