Plugins with tag "Editor" for Rider

Path Title

Set the window title to include full path.

Breakpoints Manager

The IntelliJ plugin that helps share/save breakpoints.

Error Item Line Marker

Displays an icon in the left gutter to indicate an error on the line.


pipeprofen on github | report an issue Run a bash shell command on the selected lines.

Bracket Selection

Bracket Selection IntelliJ IDEA plugin for selecting content between brackets.


You can invoke these actions via IntelliJ's "Find Action" or "Search Everything" functionality, you can also assign keyboard shortcuts to them under Preferences...


create others value dimen file by your current dimen file.

ServiceNow Plugin

servicenow-plugin The plugin exists to simplify the developing process while you edit Servicenow scripts.


A nice and simple plugin to share your code! Your code will be send to and the link will be in your clipboard.

SCSS Breadcrumbs

This plugin provide you an option to fast copy of the SCSS structure.