Plugins with tag "Editor" for Rider

Func Comment

A plugin to help add comment above function definition in GoLand.


Creates popups with QR code based on selected text.

REST link copier

Generate links to share code locations via the IntelliJ REST service.

JCE Support

This plugin supports the editing of the Jce file, providing the following features.

Better Sticky Selection

IntelliJ's original sticky selection doesn't support multi-carets.


Switch easily between space case, kebab-case, snake_case, PascalCase, camelCase See Edit menu or use Shift + Alt + U.


By Finn
Alabaster (Autocomplete Letting Apache Beam Applications Succeed Through Exploration Rapidly) is a PyCharm plugin designed to improve code completion in Apache Beam.


This plugin scroll like recenter-top-bottom of emacs.

Keymap Switch

Switch between keymaps without accessing the settings menu.

Tiny Template

For English the plugin only for Tiny JEE coders reference velocity editor source added the following functionality 1.add Tiny Template grammar parse 2.add new resources...