Plugins with tag "Languages" for Rider


Textmapper support.

NASM Assembly Support

Simple code highlighter for NASM x86/x64 assembly language.


Provides support for the Elm programming language.

Frozen Idea

ICE framework support.


HDLine (pronounced 'headline') provides support for HDL languages (VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog).

OCaml Support

OCaml language support.


SmartFrog Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA.

XQuery Support + MarkLogic Debugger

XQuery 3.0/3.1 Language Support, with MarkLogic Debugger Forked from XQuery Language Support plugin by Grzegorz Ligas.

Mathematica REPL

This plugin allows to connect IntellyJ Idea(TM) to Mathematica(TM) Kernel.

Fest Support

Fest templater support.