Plugins with tag "CVS" for RubyMine

Git Commit Template

Create a commit message with the following template: <type>(<scope>).

Git Commit Message Plugin

Create Git commit messages.

Check-In Policies for TFS (Team Foundation Server)

This plugin implements the following TFS Check-In Policies:.

CVS Info Plug-In

This Plugin shows CVS sticky tags in the project view as known from the Eclipse workbench.

Project Set Loader

This plugin loads the modules referenced in a project set file (PSF) into the current project or updates the modules to the sticky tag given in the project set file.


By puke
Clone files from your git repository.

Git Flow Integration

Add feature task name to commit message via button in 'Commit Changes' window (cmd + K).


Attribute commits to more authors using the Co-authored-by: commit trailers based on the Creating a commit with multiple authors article.

Autohome Code Check

This plugin helps you check some common problems before commit. include: Non-https url to static file Invalid href attribute.