Top Rated for RubyMine


The first plugin in the world to gamify development in IntelliJ IDEs.

Window Decorate Mode Switcher

Hide title menu for windows.


UIkit live templates / snippets.

BinEd - Binary/Hexadecimal Editor

Binary/hexadecimal editor plugin based on BinEd binary editor.


Support for the Pebble templating engine.


TabReorder plugin allows to reorder and move editor tabs using keyboard shortcuts.


Provides PowerShell intellisense and script execution support for IntelliJ IDEs.


Color highlight the Bracket Pair in editor. Inspired by Sublime BracketHighlighter Plugin.

Multiple File Kotlin Converter

This IntelliJ IDEA plugin runs the native Convert Java File To Kotlin File action on multiple files.

SAP Commerce Developers Toolset

This plugin is a plugin for SAP Commerce integration.