Top Rated for RubyMine

Branch in Window Title

If a git repository is detected in the parent directory of a module, the current branch name is appended to the project name in the window title.

A Powerful Java String Encryptor

This tool could encrypts plaintext string in your java code.

Emacs+ Patched

Emacs like enhancements for IntelliJ IDEA.

IdeaLight Color Scheme

Low-contrast light color scheme with light gray background.

CMake simple highlighter

Plugin for CMake syntax highlight/navigation support.

Google Developer Tibau Color Scheme

Google Developer Tibau by @RichellyItalo.


Provides PowerShell intellisense and script execution support for IntelliJ IDEs.


Provides hunspell dictionary support.

AWS Tail

A simple way to see your Amazon CloudWatch Logs without closing your IDE :).

Iterm Plugin

ITerm Plugin.