Plugins with tag "Other Systems Support" for TeamCity


This plugin allows you to integrate with BrowserStack.

Azure Active Directory

Provides users authentication in TeamCity via Azure Active Directory.

Agiletestware Pangolin Connector for TestRail

Integrates TeamCity with TestRail by automatically publishing test results from TeamCity to TestRail using Pangolin server (

AWS CodePipeline

makes a TeamCity build a part of an AWS CodePipeline stage.

Applitools Eyes

This plugin adds Applitools Eyes test results to your TeamCity build report.


Merges multiple .NET assemblies into a single assembly.


Integrates with Sauce Labs (cloud-based browser and mobile testing platform) (source).


This plugin allows you to integrate your automated tests with TestingBot.


download, sources - by VersionOne.


a build runner to run Sonar code analysis and publish it to Sonar.