Plugins with tag "Miscellaneous" for TeamCity

BitTorrent Support

Enables BitTorrent protocol support for downloading artifacts by build agents and users.


displays the user's avatar in UI.

Commit Status Publisher

(bundled since TeamCity 10.0) Publishes build status to JetBrains Upsource, GitHub, Atlassian Bitbucket Server(Stash) or Gerrit Code Review tool.


granting TeamCity users various badges based on their activity.

BitBucket Trigger and Status

provides BitBucket-specific build triggering and pull request status update [comment by JetBrains].

Chef install

downloads and installs the TeamCity server and agent via Chef.

Command Line Remote Run Tool

a command line tool to start remote run/personal build.

Config monitor

Monitors TeamCity data directory file changes and synchronizes those with local and remote git repositories.