Plugins with tag "Testing Frameworks Support" for TeamCity


xUnit runner A xUnit runner for TeamCity.

xUnit test runner 2 (obsolete)

Note from JetBrains: this plugin was created as a fork of the original xUnit plugin and the improvements were since integrated back to the original plugin.

Xray Test Management for Jira

Xray TeamCity Plugin provides the means for successful Continuous Integration by allowing users to report automated testing results and associate them with new or...

Parasoft Findings

The Parasoft Findings plugin is designed to be used in a post test-execution build step that integrates functional and unit test reports generated by Parasoft tools into...



Allure EE Support

Support for uploading test results to Allure Enterprise.

Jasmine 2.0 TeamCity reporter

support for emitting TeamCity service messages from Jasmine 2.0 reporter, used to be available in another repository.

Go tests

converter for Golang tests output to TeamCity service messages.