Top Downloads for TeamCity

Applitools Eyes Integration

This plugin adds Applitools Eyes test results to your TeamCity build report.


This plugin measures how TeamCity server sustains load produced by many concurrently running builds.


Cradiator is a Windows (WPF) app that displays a summary of Continuous Integration (CI) project statuses.

Compress File

a build runner to pack a directory into a zip archive.

BitTorrent Support

With this plugin, users and build agents can download TeamCity build artifacts with the help of the BitTorrent protocol which usually works faster in a distributed...

VCS Support: VSS

This plugin provides support for Microsoft Visual SourceSafe.


support for CMake and GNU Make builds.


The TeamCity Roundhouse plugin provides support of deploy database via roundhouse.

Anka Build Cloud

Connects TeamCity with Anka Build Cloud.

DataDog Integration

TeamCity DataDog Exporter Build Feature Add a "DataDog Export" build feature, which adds DataDog integration to your builds. There is only one configuration field.