Top Rated for TeamCity


a runner and report tab for collecting JMH benckmark report for a runnable .jar file.

Cloud Openstack

launches OpenStack virtual machines.

Commit Status Publisher

(bundled since TeamCity 10.0) Publishes build status to JetBrains Upsource, GitHub, Atlassian Bitbucket Server(Stash) or Gerrit Code Review tool.

Personal Build Toggle

Specify agents to never or exclusively run personal builds.

Slack Notifier Plus

The main feature is that you can specify not exact branch name but the regexp branch mask.

JetBrains Hub integration

Provides integration with JetBrains Hub, allowing for single sign-on (SSO) and automatic update of user details from Hub into TeamCity. Plugin binaries here are only...


generate an Allure HTML test report as a build artifact.

BitTorrent Support

With this plugin, users and build agents can download TeamCity build artifacts with the help of the BitTorrent protocol which usually works faster in a distributed...

JIRA plugin

display TeamCity builds information in JIRA issues and Dashboard.


Artifactory repository manager integration and enhancements to Maven release process developed by JFrog.