Top Rated for TeamCity

BitTorrent Support

With this plugin, users and build agents can download TeamCity build artifacts with the help of the BitTorrent protocol which usually works faster in a distributed...

.NET CLI Support

The plugin brings support of .NET CLI toolchain to build .NET Core projects. It was bundled to TeamCity since version 2017.2 and it's compatible with TeamCity 2017.1.x.

FogBugz Issue Tracker

integration with FogBugz issue tracker.


support for CMake and GNU Make builds.

Debian Package Server

tcDebRepository provides a Debian Package server from within TeamCity.

Sonar runner

Allows configuring and running SonarQube analysis on the TeamCity server.

Ansible Runner

an ansible-playbook build runner.

TeamCity Tests Watchdog

This plugin provides a build failure condition to fail a build if tests duration increases more than specified percent.


Mac OS X status bar notifications.