Top Rated for TeamCity

TC Discord WebHooks

A TeamCity plugin which allows the easy creation of Discord WebHooks to notify users on a Discord server about the current build status of projects.

Usage Search

Search for parameters referenced in build configurations, build templates and projects.

Parasoft Findings

The Parasoft Findings plugin is designed to be used in a post test-execution build step that integrates functional and unit test reports generated by Parasoft tools into...


Provide user mapping as parameters so other plugins can map a user to another name.



CloudShell Sandbox

The CloudShell Sandbox TeamCity Plugin provides an easy way to consume CloudShell sandboxes through TeamCity for a variety of use cases.

Flaky tests analyser

allows you to detect flaky/unstable tests in a project ( issue, build).

Agent Custom Token Authorize

a way to authorize an agent by adding a token to agent properties file (basic implementation).

Agent Tasks

enable/disable (and more) predefined set of agents by schedule.