New and Updated for TeamCity

Anka Build Cloud

Connects TeamCity with Anka Build Cloud.

Snyk Security

Adds the ability to test your code dependencies for vulnerabilities against Snyk database.

Octopus Deploy integration

Creates Octopus-compatible NuGet packages and triggers Octopus Deploy deployments.

SSH Tunnel

Open an SSH tunnel with port and socket forwards as build feature on TeamCity.

Applitools Eyes Integration

This plugin adds Applitools Eyes test results to your TeamCity build report.

ALM Octane CI Integration

This plugin introduces easy ALM Octane integration through Jetbrains plugin repository, enabling ALM Octane to display TeamCity build pipelines and track build and test...

Deployment Dashboard

Dashboard visualising deployments into different environments for a project and all sub-projects. Features: Single pane of glass showing all deployments into...


This plugin will check a build for errors in OverOps.

Microsoft Teams Notifications

Extend TeamCity Notifications to post messages in Microsoft Teams for build events.