New and Updated for TeamCity

Amazon Elastic Container Service Support

Supports AWS ECS cluster as a cloud provider allowing to dynamically start and stop containers with TeamCity agent to run builds.

IBM Cloud

TeamCity IBM Cloud Server Plugin.


Bumblebee is a TeamCity plugin that enables developers, testers, and release engineers to easily integrate HP ALM into their CI environment.

Bazel build support

This integration with Bazel build system provides the following features for bazel projects: Bazel tool detection on build agents Bazel command build...

Netease Cloud Agents

Teamcity Netease (163yun) Cloud Agent Run teamcity agents on 163yun container service. Compatibility Tested on teamcity 2018.1.x. 163yun.

DataDog Integration

TeamCity DataDog Exporter Build Feature Add a "DataDog Export" build feature, which adds DataDog integration to your builds. There is only one configuration field.


CloudShell Colony is a SaaS Cloud Management Platform for DevOps.

Code Dx

Allows users to integrate TeamCity with Code Dx.

HashiCorp Vault Support

The plugin allows connecting TeamCity to Vault, requesting new credentials when a build starts, passing them to the build script, and revoking them immediately when the...

Microsoft Azure Active Directory Support

Allows using Microsoft Azure Active Directory for authentication in TeamCity.