Top Downloads for TeamCity


Add a Checkmarx Scan (CxSAST, CxOSA) inside your build process.

Config Transformations

By pr0ff
Plugin description.

Pull Request Extra Information

Plugin to display the branch name of a pull request and get some extra information such as the Branch name, and it will also be displayed as part of the TeamCity...

Gradle Init Scripts

By rodm
Provides support for reusing Gradle init scripts.

HashiCorp Vault Support

Provides support for HashiCorp Vault Secrets Manager.

Debian Package Server

Use Teamcity as a Debian File Repository server.


TeamCity build runner for executing REST call and analyzing the response.

NuGet support

support for NuGet build runners and feed (bundled since TeamCity 7.0).

Agent Auto Authroize

If an agent has the "auto_authorize" parameter set to true, they will be automatically authorized when they are registered and unauthorized when unregistered.

Amazon ECS Support

Allows running TeamCity build agents on Amazon Elastic Container Service.