Plugins with tag "Code tools" for WebStorm

Gist Templates

Fetch gists from one or several github gists accounts and use them as templates inside IntelliJ.

Bunyan Pretty Print

Plugin for IntelliJ IDEs to pretty print JSON log through Bunyan.

Live Coding in Python

Lets you run your Python code as you type it.


Sourcegraph for JetBrains IDEs (IntelliJ, PyCharm, Goglang, etc.).


统计代码行数,允许在设置界面添加用户自定义统计类型。(Statistics the number of lines of code, allowing the user to add a custom statistical type in the settings interface.).


Appaie - Deploy a coding bot to create native android app automatically.


This is a can help developers to quickly generate the MVP template plug-ins.

Hash Generator

Plugin to calculate Hash code for the text string.

1024 Tools



Integration with ServiceStack Web Services, includes support for Java, Kotlin and TypeScript Add ServiceStack Reference.