New and Updated for WebStorm


Automatically add png or jpg images to the project to the for compression.

Atom OneDark Theme

Atom One Dark Theme.

Dependently-Typed Lambda Calculus

Several dependently-typed experimental programming language support, in one plugin.


Grazi is a proofreader and grammar checker covering over 15 languages, including English, German, Russian, Chinese, and others.

Clear Cache

Your project's cache will be stored in your .gradle folder.

Bot conversation preview

Plugin which aims to preview conversation json files for illuin bot testing.

PoliDroid-AS - Privacy Policy Verification

Detects potential Android privacy policy misalignments.

Light Flat Theme

Light LaF theme based on 'Rider Light' with more 'flat' design and minimum visible borders.

Comrade Neovim

Brings JetBrains/IntelliJ IDEs magic to Neovim.

Dark Flat Theme

Dark LaF theme based on 'Rider Dark' with more 'flat' design and minimum visible borders.