New and Updated for WebStorm


FIDL Plugin for IntelliJ.

JSON To Kotlin Class (JsonToKotlinClass)

Plugin for Kotlin to convert Json String into Kotlin data class code quickly.

Custom Theme Color Scheme

theme light for looking base on theme color in

Bitbucket Linky

Bitbucket Linky provides easy navigation to and interaction with Atlassian Bitbucket.

Dracula Theme

Dracula is a dark theme for many editors, terminals, syntax highlight and eg.

Validation-File Comparison

Plugin on GitHub | Cronn GmbH Website.

Live Templates for Pandoc's markdown

Live Templates for Pandoc's markdown and extra features Templates Shortcuts for Pandoc’s syntax .pdiv ::.


This plugin enables the niddler ui inside the IDE.


SonarLint is an IDE extension that helps you detect and fix quality issues as you write code.

Editor Groups