New and Updated for WebStorm

Go Template

Support for Go template engine (

Graph Database support

Integration with Graph Databases Features: Manage data sources.

AQL (ArangoDB Query Language)

AQL ArangoDB Query Language support Syntax highlighting Find usages Refactorings Quick docs Go to usages Execute...


Supercharge your productivity with the most efficient keybinding for IntelliJ family of IDEs.

Atom File Icons IDEA

This is a port of the Atom File Icons ( for Jetbrains products.

Material Theme UI

This will add the Material Theme look to your IDE.

Doki Doki Literature Club Theme

Built on top of Material UI.


Textmapper support.


IntelliJ solidity support You can support the plugin development by clicking star on GitHub and rating it on the plugin page.


a tool which can convert px to rem in webstorm.