New and Updated for WebStorm

Save Actions

Supports configurable, Eclipse like, save actions, including "optimize imports", "reformat code", "rearrange code", "compile file" and some quick fixes for Java like...

Dark Orange Theme

Dark Orange Theme.

OpenShift Connector by Red Hat

Overview A plugin for interacting with Red Hat OpenShift using a local or remote instance of OpenShift clusters providing a streamlined developer experience.

Colorful - By Hulk Color Scheme

Colorful - By Hulk.


A delicious pastel theme, with bright cheery colors.

Mainframer Integration

This plugin makes integration with Mainframer tool easy and seamless.

Solarized Theme

Adds Solarized Dark and Light themes.

Material Theme UI Lite

This is a lite version of the Material Theme UI Plugin that includes the themes only.

Stylus Linter

Stylus Linter and Syntax Highligher use


CuteJS Template engine support.