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Git Extender

Git Extender adds an option to Update All local branches tracking a remote for all git roots in the current project.

Perforce IDEA Community Integration

[ Github ] | [ Open Issues ] Associate your IDEA project with Perforce ("p4") through the built-in version control.

Simple Titles - Project Only

Fork of

CPU Usage Indicator

By meo
CPU Usage Indicator in the status bar, just like the Memory Indicator.


Customizing the JetBRAINS IDEs.


The plugin adds three new tools for inserting, copying and navigating among references out of the edited file(s) and other contexts.

Snip2Code Plugin for IntelliJ

This plugin allows the user to interact with Snip2Code service directly from within IntelliJ IDEA.

Emmet Everywhere

EmmetEverywhere Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA.

Code comments

Add comments to code without change it.

Geocoding Plugin

This plugin is made for engineers working with Location-Based-Services / -Applications.