Plugins with tag "Extended Settings for Build Configurations"

Chuck Norris

Inspired by Jenkins Chuck Norris plugin (

Date Build Number

adds a date to the build number.

Failure Formula

a custom metric which can be used to fail a build if it runs certain percentage longer than the previous one.

Formatted Date Parameter

provides a configuration parameter with the current date/timestamp.

Git Scheduling Trigger

a custom implementation for TW-23879:Ability to trigger builds in specific branches by schedule.

Kill Billd

Kills Bill builds running for too long comparing to last successful build.


publishing build artifacts to a network share (server-side).

Octopus Deploy Build Trigger plugin

A TeamCity plugin that polls Octopus Deploy, and triggers a TeamCity build when.

TeamCity-Gerrit Build Trigger plugin

allows setting up a build trigger in TeamCity for a new Gerrit patch set.

Shared Build Number

provides build number sharing among build configurations and more.