Plugins with tag "Cloud Support"

[JetForcer] Plugin for handy development with JetBrains IDEs

JetForcer is a Salesforce Apex IDE and plugin for IntelliJ platform.

Docker Cloud

By reje
This plugin leverages the TeamCity Cloud API in order to start and dispose TeamCity agents hosted in Docker containers on demand.

Azure Resource Manager Cloud Support

Creates cloud build agents in Microsoft Azure cloud via Resource Manager deployments.

Azure Classic Cloud Support

creates cloud build agents in Microsoft Azure cloud via Classic (Service Management) deployments.

Google Cloud Agents

Allows to use Google Compute Engine to scale the pool of build agents.

Container cloud

By cape
This plugin implements "Agent cloud" functionality for running agents within containers, such as Docker.

appLariat Plugin

appLariat plugin enables automated connectio the the appLariat platform API.

Kubernetes Cloud Support

The plugin allows running TeamCity cloud agents in a Kubernetes cluster.

Cloud Openstack

launches OpenStack virtual machines.

Digital Ocean cloud

launches droplets from the Digital Ocean images.