Plugins with tag "UI"

Material Theme UI

This will add the Material Theme look to your IDE.

Android Material Design Icon Generator

Android Studio & IntelliJ Plugin for Material Design Icon.


Plugin that loads a background image into editors.

Presentation Assistant

By nik
This plugin shows name and Win/Mac shortcuts of any action you invoke (View | Descriptions of Actions).

Sexy Editor

Make your IntelliJ IDE editor sexy with a background image in your editor's area :) Use different image(s) for different file sets, on various positions, in random...

Afterglow Theme

Theme based on the Afterglow Sublime Text theme.

CVS bar

By lomeo
Plugin creates quick access buttons for using CVS.

jimu Mirror

Mirror gives you live, on-device previews of Android layouts that update as you code.

Idea 2016.2 Icon Pack

By kb
Changes new modern icons to the old ones.

MXML Design Preview

Provides instant preview of MXML components (Flex or Flash).