Plugins with tag "Fun stuff"

What The Commit

Integration for Adds a button to the commit dialog (right above the commit message field), that loads a random commit message.


Simple tweet plugin.


An amusing plugin for IDEA.


Plugin for old game Digger.

Power mode

Based on the activate-power-mode atom plugin.


This plugin allows you to have fresh posts of your LiveJournal friends inside IDEA.

Code Consultant

Ever notice how just talking through an issue with a co-worker is enough to help you solve a problem, even if they don't say a word? This plug-in gives you...


"LYCAY - Let Your Code plAY" generates music from software source code.


By Roar
IntellIRC (or Intelli IRC) is an integrated IRC Client, featuring for example: Managing list of IRC Network and Channel Favorites Auto-Connect to Favorites...


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