Plugins with tag "Tools integration"

Groovy Grape support

An intention on @Grab annotations to download the needed dependencies.

Retroweaver Integration

By pazu
Automatically retroweave classes compiled by IDEA.


Automated stack search integration from Captures stack traces on your debug console search solutions on Samebug connects you to other Samebug users...


Bring XP capabilities into Idea.

Xcalia Core (Formerly LiDO-JDO)

This plugin facilitates the developement of an application using XIC (formely LiDO).

Jenkinsfile IDEA plugin

插件作者没有上传到插件库,所以我拉下来打包自己本地安装测试后,就上传了. upload upload.

Simple P4 Plugin

Perforce plugin for IDEA Community Edition.


By pyten
Share your android project builds to slack channel in a single click.


By Roar
Developer tools for HP webOS developers.