Plugins with tag "Tools integration"


ReactNativeTools, to make it easier to execute react-native commands.

Ivy Plugin

Synchronizes IDEA module settings such as classpath and source directories from ivy setup.

Review board

Review Board Code Review Tool Only Reviewboard 2.0.5 or newer is supported Features.

ADB Uninstall

Provides simple visual uninstalling support for the current application.

PIT mutation testing Idea plugin

IntelliJ IDEA plugin for PIT mutation testing (

ArgoUML Integration

Integrates ArgoUML into IntelliJ IDEA including basic round trip engineering.

Android Property Manager

Add/modify android property of devices by tool window.

Multi-OS Engine Plugin

Multi-OS Engine IDE plugin for Android Studio.

DCEVM integration

Provides integration with DCEVM.

Eclipse Dependency Sync

This plugin keeps IntelliJ project classpath in sync with Eclipse .classpath file.