Plugins with tag "Tools integration"

ReST Console

A simple ReST console for IntelliJ.

ArgoUML Integration

Integrates ArgoUML into IntelliJ IDEA including basic round trip engineering.

jenv IntelliJ IDEA plugin

jenv( is Java environment manager, and it is a clone of RVM for Java.

Ivy Plugin

Synchronizes IDEA module settings such as classpath and source directories from ivy setup.


PhraseApp helps you manage Translations in your Android Studio projects.

COLT WebStorm Plugin

COLT live coding tool integration plugin.

Felix SCR Annotation Processor

By Kuffi
A Felix SCR Annotation processor for for IntelliJ.

Android On-Device Resource Localization

Tools >> On-Device Resource Localization Adds dynamic string resource management features enabling.

Android Localizationer

Translate all your strings in your string resources(e.g. strings.xml) to your target languages automactically.

ADB Friendly

ADB Friendly is a Android Studio plugin to provide some useful functions via ADB.