Plugins with tag "Misc"

Facebook chat

facebook chat.


Pomodoro timer for coding dojo.


Simple twitter client.


This plugin imports files and folders from the native file system to IntelliJ Idea project or anywhere in the native path system.


Easily convert a java file to groovy file - it just renames it :).


Quick Weather plugin displays the current weather condition in IDEA status bar.

Angular Component Folding

By xrath
This plugin groups files which have same name and different extensions.

Gismeteo Plugin

Shows weather forecast from Gismeteo.Ru site.

PluginUpdateNotifier 10

The origianl plugin was written by I just made minor fix to make it compatible with IntelliJ 10. I made the changes based on sources.

CodinGame IDEA Editor

CodinGame IDEA Editor allows you to edit code, execute particular test case and see result directly in Intellij IDEA.