Plugins with tag "Misc"

Rubber Duck

A plugin to help with Rubber Duck Debugging.

PluginUpdateNotifier 9

The origianl plugin was written by I just made minor fix to make it compatible with IntelliJ 9. I made the changes based on sources.

Show and hide modules

Automates the enabling and disabling of active modules via the "Mark as excluded" mechanic.

Ruby Dynamic Code Insight

This plugin provides additional Code Insight intelligence to improve resolution, find usages and refactoring capabilities.

IJKL Shortctus

By syl
Plugin which imposes alt-ijkl navigation shortcuts on currently open keymap.



Chuck Norris Facts Plugin

Read Chuck Norris facts in your IDE.

Twitch Chat

A simple chat plugin for the streaming service, Twitch.


By pip
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Export specified keymap as a graphical cheet sheet in a Excel workbook format.