Plugins with tag "Misc"


Find and share color schemes on


Live Template preview plugin.

Performance Testing

Plugin for automated execution of test scripts, capturing performance snapshots and gathering performance statistics.


View any file in hexadecimal format Using HexView.

Library Finder

Library Finder helps to find library files (.jar/.zip) for any class/file name pattern.


Regularly checks with the IDEA plugin repository if there are updates available for any of the installed 3rd-party plugins and installs all of the available...

Activity Tracker

By syl
This is a proof-of-concept plugin for tracking and recording IDE user activity.


Zipper adds the ability to pack the whole project into a single ZIP file.


Log4J Plugin Monitoring (LF5_SOCKET) Features.

IntelliJ task integration for Microsoft team foundation server

By syt
Supports integration with Microsoft Team Foundation Server issue tracking system.