Plugins with tag "Misc"


Checks IDE-level charset encoding against a chosen project-level charset encoding and warns if not equal. If you are like me, you often switch...

Android Intent Sender

Plugin allows you to send intents with specified data and extras to android devices or emulators with adb command "broadcast", "startactivity",...


Show encoding of the selected file.

Android Helper

Android Helper tries to get you free from routine works on Android development.

Swing Buttons Fix

By meo
By Swing default the Enter always fires default button regardless of selection by arrows or Tab.

Spell Checker Java Dictionary

Standard Java dictionary based on Maven repository.


Additional editor tool window to hold pieces of code temporarily.


Log filter for coloring or split by tabs IntelliJ IDEA console output.

Time Tracker Plugin

A Time tracking plugin which automatically tracks the time spent on each project.

RSS/Atom feed reader

This plugin provide easy way to integrate RSS/Atom feed in to Intellij IDEA.