Plugins with tag "Editor"

Idea 162 Icon Pack

Changes the new "flat" icons to the old 2016.2 ones.

Yahoo Search

By rezap
Yahoo Search.


Generates some serialization helper methods that can be hard to remember the signatures of.

Auto Switch Input Source In IdeaVim Mode

By rieon
Auto Switch Input Source In IdeaVim Mode For MAC Only An plugin for auto switching input method while using IdeaVim plugin FOR MAC ONLY.


Sorts the editor selection [AZ or ZA].

Paste Multiple

Paste multiple contents at once Enhance the default paste from history action.



Surround each line

Apply a template to each lines selected (instead of the whole selection).

Sticky Selection

You can mark a selection to be permanently highlighted, even when your caret moves away. Inspired by "Style token" of Notepad++.

Tab Session

By alp82
Save groups of tabs and switch between different sessions.