Plugins with tag "Editor"

Tiny Service

this plugin is work for Tiny Service quick create and deploy service more detail plase read the document in website.

Breakpoints Manager

The IntelliJ plugin that helps share/save breakpoints.

Current date generator

Generates the current date in different formats.


This plugin takes a selection from the IDEA editor, and posts it to


By svdb
This plugin allows to quickly show and hide white spaces in the editor without having to go to system properties.

Yandex Translate

This plugin is intended for quick translation of selected text.

Copy The Path

The function for this plugin is to copy the relative path from the project root directory of the files which has been opened in the edtior.


By vhly
make properties file or Android string files i18n.


A nice and simple plugin to share your code! Your code will be send to and the link will be in your clipboard.